We are NEODENT company established in 1992 in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

NEODENT founder is Dipl. Eng. Branko Sreckov, former manager of research and development in Jugodent, the company that in 70’s and 80’s in Yugoslavia was recognized as a giant in manufacturing of dental equipment. Mr. Sreckov vast knowledge and experience was put directly into the growth of NEODENT company and from its beginning NEODENT was pioneering in Serbia into the development and distribution od dental material, instruments and equipment. By the time NEODENT grew up into the largest and most competent dental commercial company in Serbia. Presently, NEODENT human resources team number twenty-five professionals spread into our three offices.

NEODENT head office is located in most prestigious Belgrade area location near Saint Sava Temple and collocated with the University of Dental Medicine. The University is considered as the front-runner and the ultimate dental educational institution in Serbia with direct influence on the creation of new dentists generations. Besides the educational role, the University provides as well recommendations and assistance to dentists regarding selection of dental material for their everyday dental practices.

Neodent has a long standing relations established with the number of foreign companies that manufacture dental material, instruments and equipment such as: KERR, ZHERMACK, GC, DMG, NTI, FKG, HLW, EDELWEISS, CASTELLINI, WHITE SMILE, WOODPECKER, FRASACO, W&H, SEPTODONT, PENTRON, MASTER-DENT, SIGER, ASTAR etc…

NEODENT’s marketing mix involves social media; e.g. Facebook, Instagram, website, and web based shop as well as NEODENT’s magazine brief news publish three times per year in 3000 copies.

Various seminars and workshops are periodically organized and managed by NEODENT, together with the number of reputable University professors as speakers. They are considered by NEODENT as the forum where the dental material, instruments and equipment are deliberated and opinions concerning different dental products are created, thus contributing directly to the marketing of our company.

Finally at the largest annual dental manifestation in Serbia, the MEDIDENT exhibition in Belgrade, NEODENT beside of setting up its own exhibition site, organize and manage dental symposium during the MEDIDENT event.

Symposium is set up to run in three consecutive days supported by 12 – 15 speakers during which we, usually, have 2000 dentists in attendance. Speakers are University professors from Belgrade and internationally recognized and influential speakers in the dentistry sector supported by our commercial partners.

In parallel with the symposium, at the NEODENT exhibition site, numerous workshops are organized and conducted where our commercially available dental material and instruments are used in live demonstrations on patients.

In 2020, as result of Covid-19 pandemic, MEDIDENT event was canceled, nevertheless NEODENT organized symposium in the form of webinar.

During the three-days web-based managed seminar, we had over 3000 acredited participants resulting in great success in marketing as well as in selling of dental products by NEODENT.